Malicious threats and security incidents

In the current climate, the threat of terrorism is real and ongoing. By ensuring we all know how to recognise the signs and know what action to take, we can work together to prevent acts of terrorism.

Rest assured, the police, national agencies and Local Authorities in West Yorkshire work together continuously and tirelessly to ensure our region is prepared for and protected from malicious attacks. However, it is also important that you remain vigilant and aware.

  • Always report anyone acting suspiciously; your information may be vital. If you come across anything that might be linked with terrorist activity, tell the police.
  • See something suspicious? Report it. Dial 101 or the anti-terror hotline 0800 789321. Or use the secure online form at
  • Caught in an incident? You must Run Hide Tell. In an emergency – always dial 999

You can check the current threat level to the UK on the UK Government website.

Things to look out for:

  • Have you noticed anyone taking photos and observing CCTV or security arrangements? (Observation and surveillance help terrorists plan attacks).
  • If you’re a retailer, note anything suspicious about equipment purchases.
  • If you work in commercial vehicle hire or sales, has a sale or rental seemed unusual?
  • Have you noticed someone buying large amounts of chemicals or gas cylinders for no reason?
  • Do you know someone who looks at extremist material? Or shares or creates content that glorifies terrorism?

For more information and advice, visit the following websites: