If you are required to leave your home in an emergency, you will need to consider the wellbeing of your pet(s).

By preparing now you will save valuable time in an emergency situation. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

  • Ensure your pet is identifiable (a microchip is recommended)
  • Make sure you have sufficient pet food and necessary medication
  • Ask friends/family if they would be able to look after your pet in an emergency
  • Keep documents like vaccination records, vet’s details and microchip details in a safe, but accessible place

Emergency rest centres

If you have to leave your home and are unable to stay with friends/family, you may be required to evacuate to an emergency rest centre. These are usually in local venues such as a leisure or community building, and can provide short-term shelter, warmth, food and refreshment. Rest centres will have a limited capacity to house pets, , but every effort will be made to accommodate your pets.

Leaving pets at home

In some scenarios it may not be possible to take pets with you and some animals may need to be left at home for a period of time, if the environment/their accommodation is suitable and considered safe. You will need to leave sufficient food and water to cater for the needs of the animal. Under no circumstances should pets be tied up or have unnecessary restricted movement when left at home, as this may place them in danger or cause undue stress.

If you do need to leave your pet at home, leave a note in the window to inform the emergency services.