Power cuts

A power cut doesn’t happen every day, but if it did, would you be ready?

Power cuts can be caused by a number of things: severe weather (e.g. storms); accidental damage; network faults; or malicious attacks. Failures can be local, regional or national and can have significant impacts on people, communities and critical services.

It can be helpful to think ahead and have a few things to hand that you might need during a power cut, such as:

  • A torch and spare batteries.
  • A wind up or battery-powered radio tuned into local news. Alternatively you can listen on your car radio.
  • Consider getting a power bank or solar charger to keep your mobile or tablet topped up.
  • If possible, have an analogue phone that can be connected in your house, as this will still work if a power cut impacts the mobile network.
  • Warm clothes and blankets.
  • Non-perishable food.

Some useful tips to keep in mind…

  • If it’s a localised power cut, stay with friends or relatives until your power is back on.
  • Leave a light on so you know when your power comes back on
  • Switch off any appliances that could pose a hazard if the power comes back on when you’re not there (e.g. irons, ovens, electric fires).
  • If you get advance notice of a power cut fill a flask with hot water, ensure cupboards are stocked and make up a hot water bottle.
  • Regularly back-up work and important files on your computer/laptop.
  • Keep a mobile phone charged. Write down important phone numbers in case your phone battery runs flat.
  • Check on neighbours or family who may be more vulnerable.
  • If you – or someone you know – might need extra advice or support during a power cut, you can sign up to Northern Power grid’s Priority Services Membership.

Northern Powergrid has prepared lots of useful information and advice for before, during and after a power cut. Please visit their Be Prepared pages for more information.